Charo y Lee

8-A Pics (print 26 on front and next 26 on back)

A natural, cultural approach

8-B Pics (print 26 on front and next 26 on back)

8-A. Poner la mesa.

8-B. Pasear en bote. Salvador Dalí. 1918.

8-B. Recuerdos

8-B. Bucear

8-B. Pescar

8-B. Montar a caballo.

8-1. Spanish meal times. Great site.

8-1. Spanish meal times. Another site.

8-1. Tortilla española recipe.

8-1. Tortilla española.

8-1. Menudo.

8-1. Review of telling time.

8-2. Zumo.

8-2. Mirinda.

8-2. Wiki's article on Basque.

8-2. Sangría recipe.

8-2. Mirinda.

8-2. Enrique sings "Camarero."

8-2. Camarero. Weird series of tunes featuring "Camarero."

8-3. History of the "brindis."

8-3. Guiñó el ojo.

8-3. Paella.

8-3. Basque paella demo.

8-3. Paella.

8-3. Ajoarriero.

8-3. Migas.

8-3. Chuletón.

8-4. Table manners. Helpfult site.

8-4. Table manners. Another helpful site.

8-4. Restaurant culture.

8-4. Pan y aceite.

8-5. Parque Señorío de Bértiz

8-5. Parque de la Taconera.

8-5. Parque de la Taconera.

8-5. Interesting article on the construction of Pamplona's Plaza de Toros.

8-6. La cuenta.

This is what Rick Steves says about tipping in Spain:


Source: José Antonio Garabán, Hotel Europa, Madrid

First at all, tipping is never obligatory. It is always up to the customer to tip or not tip and always if you like the service. There is no percentage of the total, except in restaurants that you give around 5–8%. In the other cases you give change (coins). In the restaurants you leave the tip on the table (in the plate that the bill came). In other cases directly to the person.

Taxis and haircuts: Coins (less than €1)

Hotels: Whatever you wish to give to the bellboy or porter (if they take your luggage), maid (if room is clean), and receptionist (good service).

WC: No tipping

8-6. Casi me olvidé de esto.

8-6. El parque de diversiones.

8-6 Perdonar.

8-6. Restaurant vocabulary and structures.

Pío Pista y María. Powerpoint for the episode: El Dedo de Oro.