Charo y Lee

2-A Pics (print 18 on front and next 18 on back)

A natural, cultural approach

2-B Pics (print 11 on front and next 11 on back)

Click for a much cuter version of the prepositions rhyme.

2-1. Coca Cola Mexico web site.

Here is the plot of Dr. Evil to steal Austin Powers' mojo in English. The second video shows Dr. Evil drinking the mojo. It is in Spanish and they end up pronouncing mojo as a Spanish speaker would.

Carmen Electra

2-2. An explanation of jai alai.

2-2. Picture of twins for the Cuento Loco.

2-3. La Cucaracha. Cute rated G version.

2-3. This version of La Cucaracha has good historical footage. Warning: Uses the marijuana chorus.

José Feliciano web site.

2-3. Even Liberace played La Cucaracha! Check this out!

Wiki's take on La Cucaracha.

2-4. Día de los muertos web site.

2-4. Día de los muertos

2-4. Día de los muertos. Love this one. Great for movie talk.

2-4. Día de los muertos. Festival of love. Elena of Avalor.

2-4. Día de los muertos. Another great movie talk video.

2-4. Los niños pequeños pueden cocinar bien.

Pío Pista 1. Powerpoint to accompany the second episode: Familia Secreta.