Charo y Lee

The pages under this drop down menu feature resources that teachers can use in their classrooms to add to the Charo y Lee curriculum. Have you developed any extra materials related to Charo y Lee that you would like to share? Submit them to me and I'll post them on these pages for all to use.

TPR 3-ring circus

Higher Level Thinking

Participation grading rubric

Question words 1

Question words 2



Coatza This is an old worksheet on Coatzacoalcos which now won't work since the city website changes. You will have to rebuild the worksheet. However, you can get ideas from the way this sheet was designed.

I also made a couple of movie worksheets for students who want to see a film in Spanish and get extra credit. You are welcome to use these as well.

Kung Fu Panda

Happy Feet

A natural, cultural approach


Sabine und Michael German materials for your German colleagues

Blaine Ray TPRS

Fluency Matters

Fluency Fast

Yadeeda French, Spanish and ESL music

SeƱor Wooly


Bryce Hedstrom