Charo y Lee

A natural, cultural approach

The Level One Songs CD (remember it is automatically included with the Blackline CD) features a duet with Charo y Lee for each unit. There is also a karaoke version of each song if your students would like to give it a go. Finally there is a humorous set of songs called "Failed auditions at La Cucaracha Idol." Lousy songs I tried to sing myself ;-)

Erik Bryan provides the voice of Lee and Lynette Martínez the voice of Charo. I composed and performed the music myself.

Pdf version of all lyrics

Powerpoint of Me Llamo (es)

Powerpoint of Familia

Powerpoint of Mercado

Powerpoint of Escuela

Powerpoint of Ciudad

The Level Two Songs CD features more duets with the exception of Café, when I put Margarita in the mix. That particular song didn't quite turn out as I had hoped pero así es la vida. I was trying to get Margarita to turn Lee's attention away from Charo but it got a bit muddled. Once again Erik Bryan (a true Broadway singer who doesn't speak Spanish) performs the voice of Lee, Lynette Martínez is Charo and Sarai López is Margarita. Dan Bell plays trumpet on Tienda de ropa and on Fiesta. The disc has 6 bonus tracks of folk songs featuring the voice of Bryce Hedstrom with some back-up vocals by Lynette Martínez.

Powerpoint of Tecnología

Word doc of Tecnología

Powerpoint of Tienda de ropa

Word doc of Tienda de ropa

Powerpoint of Café

Word doc of Café

Powerpoint of Quehaceres

Word doc of Quehaceres

Powerpoint of Fiesta

Word doc of Fiesta

Powerpoint of Uno de enero

Word doc of Uno de enero

Powerpoint of Cielito Lindo

Word doc of Cielito Lindo

Powerpoint of Guantanamera

Word doc of Guantanamera

Powerpoint of La Llorona

Word doc of La Llorona

Powerpoint of La Pupusera

Word doc of La Pupusera

Powerpoint of María Isabel

Word doc of María Isabel