Charo y Lee

4-A Pics (print 28 on front and next 28 on back)

A natural, cultural approach

4-B Pics (print 29 on front and next 29 on back)

4-B ¿Qué hora es? Comedy skit. Warning: Slightly risqué.

4-B Tip: Manú Chao's popular song Me Gustas Tú has a few time expressions and fairly simple vocab. Warning: It does mention marijuana in one line. Perhaps a tech-savvy student can edit it out.

4-2. Colegio Anglo Mexicano.

4-2. Colegio Anglo Mexicano official website.

4-1. Okay. Not exactly about school, but it does mentiona  mochila!

Note the uniforms and the patriotic exercises in the video.

4-2. Penelope (they hide her nose in the trailer).

4-4. Reference for Spanish surnames.

4-4. Helen Keller reading hand signs.

4-5. Wiki's overview of Mexican schools.

4-5. Another helpful site about Mexican school life.

4-5. Shrek y la novia.

Pío Pista 1. Powerpoint to accompany the fourth episode: El Profe Misterioso.

4-6. El gato con el sombrero, Conrad, Sally, Mr. Humberfloob, Cosa 1 y Cosa 2.