Charo y Lee

9-A Pics (print 24 on front and next 24 on back)

A natural, cultural approach

9-B Pics (print 24 on front and next 24 on back)

Planta primera

Planta baja

9-A Limpiar. A message to men!

9-A. Fregar. Just one of a whole series. Check them out!

9-B. Click for some observations of the differences between homes in Spain and America.

9-B Click for a short discussion on numbering floors in Spain.

9-B Arreglar.

9-B Escalera.

9-1. Conmoción. Yes there is a band by that name. Check out this video.

9-1. Criada. Funny tune from Chava Flores.

9-1. Criada. Article about Spanish households with maids (according to the article, one in seven households.

9-1. Criadas.

9-1. Pierna rota.

9-1. Emergency services.

9-1. Policy differences between health care systems in Spain and the US. It's political, but informative.

9-1. NPR interview about the Spanish health care system.

9-2. Suerte.

9-2. Suerte. Shakira's song.

9-2. Lavar los platos. Baby's got the right idea!

9-2. Lavar los platos.

9-2. Leche. Ultrapasturized milk in Spain.

9-2. Cocina. Notice the washing machine.

9-2. Fregona.

9-2. Fregona.

9-3. Achís. Love this story!

9-3. Sala. Simple. Clean. White walls and ceiling.

9-3. Electricity in Spain.

9-3. Television in Spain.

9-3. Watch Spanish TV!

9-3. Spanish  artists. Warning: "art nudity."

9-3. Encyclopedia of Spanish artists.

9-3. Quitar el polvo

9-4. Armario.

9-4. Hacer la cama.

9-4. Peligroso.

9-4. Tiene calor.

9-4. Espejo. Yuri video. Warning: Risqué scenes not suitable for some classes.

9-4. Ventana. This video is  not from Spain, but shows the type of window that tilts and turns and is commonly found in Spain.

9-4. Lavabo y retrete. This one sure is interesting!

9-4. Website showing the differences between European and American homes including bathrooms. Not specific to Spain, but very helpful.

9-4. Cuidado

9-5. Farmacia. Usually marked with a green cross.

9-5. Bueno. Telephone manners in Spain.

9-5. Farmacia song. Warning: A bit racy for younger classes.

9-5. Farmacia.

9-5. Pierna rota y enyesada..

9-5. Pastillas.

9-5. Le duele.

9-6. Reciclar.

9-6. Reciclar. Spanish ad encouraging recycling.

Pío Pista y María.

Powerpoint for the episode: La Casa del Árbol.