Charo y Lee

3-A Pics (print 25 on front and next 25 on back)

A natural, cultural approach

3-B Pics (print 23 on front and next 23 on back)

3-1. Churros y chocolate.

3-1. Churros y chocolate recipe.

3-2. My own home movies of a mercado in Coatza.

3-2. Some of my pictures from Coatza.

3-2. Mercado. Much more extensive than my video.

3-2. Mercado. Another video.

Another video.

Another video which would be great for teacher talk.

3-4. Pez espada. Video of cleaning fish to prepare for sale. May not be appropriate for younger students.

3-2. Virgin de Guadalupe.

3-2. Summary of the story of the Virgin de Guadalupe.

3-3. Jícama.

3-3. Latest exchange rate for a Mexican peso.

3-2. Posadas y piñatas.

Pío Pista 1. Powerpoint to accompany the third episode: El Mercado Negro.