Charo y Lee

5-A Pics (print 23 on front and next 23 on back)

A natural, cultural approach

5-B Pics (print 21 on front and next 21 on back)

5-B Mr. Ed & Wilbur

5-B Paparazzi play set. I love it!

5-1. The Addams Family Theme song in Spanish.

5-2. Jaws spoof. Not everyone will like this type of humor.

5-2. Cantinflas. I really like this clip. I like the very bad American accent, the spoof of government regulations, the use of gringo and the fact that Cantinflas can still be adorable even while mocking an American border crossing.

Cantinflas website.

5-3. Vamos a la playa by Miranda. Dancing in bikinis but fairly tame.

5-3. Vamos a la playa by Righeira. Very 80's!

5-3. My own shots of the beach in Coatza. The first one is supposed to be of Charo y Lee.

5-4. Rip Van Winkle behind the tree.

5-4. A British explanation of Cinco De Mayo

5-5. Authentic charreada with a great sound track.

5-5. Official Mexican charreada web site.

Another great

web site.

5-6. My city tour of Coatza. I walked all of this way, just as the characters in the book did.

Pío Pista 1. Powerpoint for the final episode: La boda secreta.