Charo y Lee

The following are "embedded readings" which I call Cuentos Escalados. I really believe in this technique and offer 60 free Cuentos Escalados throughout these pages. Generally I project these stories to my classes right before taking a chapter quiz. It's a great way to review the vocabulary and structures with a new story. It also builds great inferencing skills as students try to figure out new vocabulary.

Cuento Escalado 1-1

Cuento Escalado 1-2

Cuento Escalado 1-3

1-A pics (print 22 on front and next 22 on back)

1-B pics (print 16 on front and next 16 on back)

Click for a flyover of Coatza with beautiful narration

Click for the official website of Coatzacoalcos

A natural, cultural approach

1-2 Picasso.

1-2 Picasso. Click to create your own Picasso!

1-3. Weird Al's version of the Brady Bunch. Keep watching!

1-3. Hogwarts professors website.

1-4 Lee's bus ride to Coatzacoalcos (not really, but we'll say it is).

1-5. Inigo Montoya's famous line (warning: not for younger grades).

1-5. Sorry about the grammar mistakes. I didn't create this myself!

1-6. If the dwarfs were mariachis!

The map I used when visiting Coatzacoalcos.

Pío Pista 1. Powerpoint to accompany the first episode: El agente doble.