Charo y Lee


Teacher's Book Level 1 or Level 2: $40

Blackline CD Level 1 or Level 2: $40

Student Workbooks Level 1 or Level 2: $16

Pío Pista Reader Level 1 or Level 2: $6

Songs CD Level 1 or Level 2: $12

Note: Songs come automatically with the purchase of the Blackline CD or Blackline Masters.

iBook versions:

Teacher's Book Level 1 or Level 2: $19.99

Student Workbook Level 1 or Level 2: $7.99

Pío Pista Reader Level 1 or Level 2: $3.99

Discounts for orders over 20: Contact Michael Miller

Sample shipping costs:

One Teacher's Book or One Student Workbook: $7

One CD: $2

One Pío Pista Reader: $2

One Teacher's Book + One Student Workbook + One Blackline CD: $7

One full set of one level (Teacher's Book, Student Workbook, Blackline CD, Pío Pista): $9

Two full sets of books (in other words, a set of Level One and a set of Level Two): $18

For large class sets of books, just figure on about 12% for shipping UPS ground. It should be close.

Bargain Basement:

I have several books that are misprints, first editions or have minor damage. You can get the books for half price or less. Here's what I have:

Level One Blackline CD pre-revised. This is the CD that I sold for 2 years. I have since revised the book to make some minor changes in vocabulary and fix a few mistakes. Otherwise brand new. Plenty available. All you would have to do is go in and fix a few vocabulary mistakes yourself in Word documents and/or Powerpoint presentations. $10

Level One Blackline Masters pre-revised. Same thing as above but in hard copy. More difficult to make corrections: $10

Level Two Blackline Masters. I have a number of copies where the printing company accidentally printed the book as double-sided when it should be single-sided: $10

To order Bargain Basement books, just cross out the normal price on the order form and write in the price you see here. Remember there is still postage due. See above for sample shipping costs.

A natural, cultural approach

A note about iBooks:

All iBooks have free sample chapters.

The Student Workbook is essentially an exercise book with places for students to take notes, write out stories and do a few assignments. This was difficult to put into electronic format. Check out the free sample chapter to see if this format would work for your classes. There is a special bonus: The iBooks version of the Student Workbooks include a Blühende Geschichte for each chapter as well as word searches instead of Wörterbuch pages.

The Blackline CD is not available as an iBook.