Charo y Lee

7-A Pics (print 23 on front and next 23 on back)

A natural, cultural approach

7-B Pics (print 25 on front and next 25 on back)

7-A. Tienda de ropa. I took this picture in Coatza.

7-B. Corbata. Have students bring in ties and see if they can follow along!

7-1. Recipe for bollos.

7-1. Meals in Spain.

7-1. Breakfast in Spain.

7-1. Chambelanes de honor (quinceañera)

7-1. Cuento Loco.

7-2. Delightful parody.

7-3. San Fermín festival guide.

7-3. News link. Running of the bulls.

7-3. Rick de Casablanca.

7-4. Cowboy.

7-4. Mira fijamente.

7-5. No te preocupes. Salsa Jazz.

7-5. No te preocupes. Fun song. Warning: Too risqué for most classes. Best to just play the audio.

7-5. No te preocupes. Fun reggae song. Warning: References to marijuana.

7-5. Uno de enero.

7-5. Está listo.

7-6. Cielito Lindo. Very classy.

7-6. Cuento loco. Imelda.

7-6. Zapatos de tacón. Favorite shoes.

7-6. Zapatos de tacón. Silly song.

Pío Pista y María. Powerpoint for the episode: El Perro Suave